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  1. How much is a game fee at Twilight Cafe?

       The mandatory game fee is $6 plus tax per person for the first 2 hours, each extra hour will be                charged at $3 plus tax per person. Food or drink is optional. 

    2. Do I have to pay the game fee if I don't play board games?

        No, you don't have to, but all customers who do not play games must purchase at least one                      item (food or drink) every 2 hours.

    3. How to make reservations at Twilight?

         Please give us a call at location you would like to make reservations. In case you are changing                plan or running late, you can call ahead to cancel or reschedule your reservations. We will hold            reservations up to 15 minutes maximum.

     4. Does Twilight require a deposit for reservations?

         We only require a non-refundable deposit for reservations of over 16 guests. The deposit will                 be based on game fee policy and paid a few days in advance. 

      5. Does Twilight split the bills?

          We can separate multiple bills. However, for tables of over 8 people, we offer one bill only.

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